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Mexican home style food and tacos. Delicious variety of tacos: fish & shrimp (breaded or grilled), cochinita pibil, nopales, chicharron, barbacoa and chicken.

Also our special Shrimp Molcajete prepared with salsa, onion and cheese. Ceviche, Seafood soup, Tortilla soup, Fish salad, Shrimp cocktail and much more! Serving delicious tacos in for over 30 years with prime products only!

Having established itself in Cabo more than 30 years ago with only a few plastic tables and chairs, a cement floor, and a palm leaf roof, the family-run Gardenias has passed the test of time.

Three decades and a location change later, people can still find delicious Mexican food made using Doña Olga and her son Guillermo recipes, all in a no-nonsense building, staying true to Gardenias’ modest beginnings.

With minimal decoration such as mounted fish and Los Cabos fishing tournament posters. The main focus here is definitely the food.

Watch skilled Mexican women in the central kitchen as they prepare everything from rice and beans to the house specialty: Shrimp Molcajetes.

These sizzling plates are infused with cheese, onions, and salsa. Ceviches and shrimp cocktails are additional menu items very popular among costumers.

There are several things that set Gardenias apart from other taco places around Cabo. Whereas most taquerias, or taco stands, open in the late afternoon and remain so until the wee hours of the morning, primarily for the club-goers, Gardenias is open from 8:00 am. to 10:00 pm. making itself available to the beach crowd and those strolling around the main drag.

A certainty at Gardenias is that no one walks away in want. No chips and salsa here, but a variety of salsas, onions, cabbage, and lime wedges are set out for taco adornment instead,

And not just one or two types of tacos, Gardenias really has it all. From the more exotic Mexican offerings like a taco de nopal, or cactus taco, to fried pork rind, you’ll really have the chance to eat like a native. For something on the safer side, but with every bit of authenticity and tradition, there’s the shredded chicken or beef, fried fish or shrimp, and even tender and juicy marinated pork, known as cochinita pibil taco.

Located on Paseo de la Marina, one block from Macdonald’s, and just down the hill from the beach, this place is constantly hopping with people, both tourists and in-the-know locals.

Easily accessible, parking lot in the premises. Cash and Credit Cards Acepted. 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Tacos Gardenias
Paseo de La Marina 3, El Medano Ejidal, Marina, 23479 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., México

Paseo de La Marina 3, El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Tel: +52 (624) 143-42-95